Hair Toppers – Remarkable Benefits..

When hair is hand-tied to the base of Blonde Lace Front Wig, a knot is created to secure the hair in place. Bleached knots are knots which have been lighten to appear less noticeable. Bleaching is utilized for a more natural appearance to look as though the hair is growing right out of your scalp. Even with the bleaching technique, knots made out of dark hair colors like black and off black will be more noticeable than lighter color hair. Light color lace may also make dark color knots more noticeable. Light color hair like light browns and blonds usually do not need bleached knots.

It requires more processing to lighten darker color knots which can be damaging towards the hair. If all the knots on the wig are bleached, it is going to weaken your hair and cause premature shedding and breakage. It is recommended to only lightly bleach the knots at the front perimeter in order to stop excessive shedding. It is common for any man’s toupee to have each of the knots bleached since the hair is significantly shorter and fails to endure the same amount of stress or friction from styling as פאה נכרית. Lace wigs normally have longer hair which endures more stress from curling, combing, fingering and pulling on the hair.

To get the best results of undetectable knots and hair that appears as though it is actually growing right from the scalp select a wig made out of silk top (silk injection) or perhaps a thin skin wig cap.

Silk top

The silk top also referred to as silk injection or hidden knots is a layer silk fabric and lace added section of the wig. Your hair is knotted beneath the silk material, concealed involving the layers. The hair will then be injected through the silk giving the illusion that the hair is increasing from your scalp.

Thin skin

Thin Hair Toppers also known as polyurethane can be purchased in several colors to match your skin layer tone. The thin poly material is ventilated by hand, using a looping technique therefore the hair will remain secure longer. Because hair is injected fqbbnx the thin skin material and never knotted, the hair seems to be growing straight from the scalp. Thin skin can be placed across the perimeter or perhaps the entire wig.

The thin skin base looks great with lighter density hair. Because thin skin is not really made from breathable material, it is best found in cooler climates.